Artist Statement

Artist Statement 


I use an expanded set of resources to capture and manipulate the world

around me through digital photography.


Utilizing technology to attain efficiency and precision, my work evolves as the subject matter changes.

I’ve explored the mysteries of the human figure, the elements, flora, and modern architecture. 


These inspirations have become increasingly suggestive of one another, allowing both the artist and viewer to personalize the imagery. As their separate components begin to converse, new relationships and reactions are revealed.


Owning and operating a framing business for over three decades has led me to concoct novel ways of presenting my art, such as reverse-angled degrees and levels to add increased dimensionality to the work.


My work has been on display at Carnegie Museum of Art, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Hoyt Fine Art Institute, among others.


Mark Panza